Soil Less Potting Mix


Soil Less Potting Mix

It is a blend of processed Coco Peat, Coco Husk Chips & essential nutrients.


Blend of Coco Peat, mixed size buffered Coco Husk Chips, Vermin-compost (50:40:10 v/v) & Starter nutrition (N,P,K & micronutrients) Also contains Trichoderma. Saves up to 50% water. Is disease & germ-free. Lightweight & easy to use. Clean & odorless.


  • No frequent re-potting required.
  • Can be reused
  • It is natural & biodegradable

How to Use

  • Use this potting mix to fill pots/plant beds directly.
  • Plant saplings firmly into the mix.
  • Water as & when the mix dries up. Take care not to overwater.
  • Fertilize as per plant requirement.


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