Peat Moss


Peat Moss

A mixture of fully decomposed raised bog peat (H5-H*), wood-fibre and NPK-Fertilizer.


Contains all the nutrients known to promote plant growth. Its porosity improves aeration and aids in the development of the roots.


  • Free of bacteria, fungi and weed seeds – Peat Moss is completely sterile; It’s free of bacteria, fungi and weed seeds that could harm plants.
  • Absorbs and retains water – Even though it retains water, Peat Moss prevents soil from becoming too water-logged because it releases moisture slowly.
  • Prevents soil compaction – Peat Moss is lightweight and has a loose texture, so it doesn’t get compacted over time as heavy soil does hence the nutrients can easily get through the plants.
  • Holds soil nutrients – Peat Moss helps prevent nutrient loss.

How to Use

Water the plants, before repotting. Gently remove the soil from roots of the plant. Choose a pot that is 1 – 2 cm larger in diameter than the size of the old pot. Fill the pot with Peat Moss, place the plant and water it.


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