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We are the leading Coco Peat Suppliers in UAE. It is nutrient-rich and an excellent growing medium for garden plants. Cocopeat increases the porosity of the potting mix, keeping the soil loose and airy helping in better root growth. It has excellent water-absorption ability and can store many litres of water for months at a time. Cocopeat an be mixed with soil and manure or used as a stand-alone product.

Cocopeat can be compressed to a fraction of its original volume reducing transportation, storage and handling costs. This biodegradable and environmentally friendly growing medium takes a long time to decompose. It also contains natural trichoderma which acts as a Bio agent against harmful pathogens.

We supply coco peat in a compressed brick manner which provides a high volume of coco peat in a little amount of space. So, if you are looking to buy coco peat in UAE, contact us directly.

Supplier of Cocopeat in United Arab Emirates

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